WELCOME to Church of All Nations Music & Fine Arts Ministry!

The people of Church of All Nations love to worship God through music! We are blessed to have some of the most talented and anointed singers and musicians in the entire South Florida area ministering weekly in our services. Over 150 people are involved in the Music and Fine Arts Ministry at the church.

Blessed with immense ethnic diversity, Church of All Nations is able to incorporate a variety of musical styles ranging from Latin to Gospel and from Reggae to Pop, mixing the traditional with the contemporary. Each Sunday morning, our choir leads the congregation in worship and ministers in special music.

Some people may wonder why we put so much time and energy into the worship portion of our services. What do music and fine arts have to do with God or the church? First, worship is loving God, connecting with God, and giving God thanks for who He is and what He has done for us. Music and fine arts are a vehicle and means to worship God and bring honor to Him.

Music and fine arts are also used in today’s society to reach the world with a message. The message varies from love to hate, acceptance to rejection, success and sex. Our church realizes the strong influence that music, movies, multimedia, and fine arts can have on our culture, so we too utilize them. But music does not originate from man, culture, or even history. It originated with God Himself. God created music for us so that we would praise Him.

“Sing to the Lord a new song!” Psalm 98

“For it is good to sing praises to our God.” Psalm 147

“Come before His presence with singing.” Psalm 100

“Break forth in song, rejoice, and sing praises. Sing to the Lord with the harp,  With the harp and the sound of the psalm, With trumpets and the sound of a horn.” Psalm 98

There are so many styles and preferences in music and the fine arts that touch us personally and we understand this when ministering weekly. We feel the key to worship is to always keep the focus on God and His Son, Jesus Christ. There is not one sacred song or certain style that brings us closer to God but the desire within ourselves to seek Him with all our might and to love Him with a pure heart.


Beth Boykin directs this wonderful department of Church of All Nations. As our Senior Pastor’s wife, our first lady has been involved in and directing the department in various capacities for over 25 years. Her musical training began at the age of 5 with the piano and violin, followed by her mastery of the harp. Aside from Jesus Christ and her beautiful family, choirs and church music have had the two greatest influences on her life. Beth received her degree in sacred music from Central Bible College in Springfield, MO. Beth’s love of, vision for and dedication to music has had a major impact in the lives of her choir members and musicians, creating an atmosphere where everyone can perform and worship together in a spirit of excellence and unity.


All of our music emphasis originates with our choir. To be a singer in the music and fine arts department means that you are committed to choir. Choir meets for weekly rehearsals on Wednesdays at 7 pm. These sessions are usually 2 hours and include a lot of music, along with prayer and devotion. Additional, our band and worship team meet on Saturdays for rehearsal from 9am-12pm. We also offer special opportunities in way of seasonal productions where singing and acting and more are required. Choir is a weekly commitment plus more, but the rewards are wonderful and the blessings of helping lead others to God and into His presence cannot be measured.

If you feel you have a gift of music and want to be used in our choir at Church of All Nations, you are more than welcome to see Beth for more information or visit us at one of our Wednesday rehearsal times. New choir members are briefly auditioned to make sure they are properly placed in the correct section best suited to their voice.  See TALENT SURVEY below to let us know your strengths and giftings.


If you are interested in joining our choir or getting involved in some other aspect of the music and fine arts ministry at Church of All Nations, please fill out the talent search form below and/or contact our director, Beth Boykin at [email protected].